Baxter Village Blocks Off Big Section Of Carolina Thread Trail In Fort Mill

Carolina Thread Trail Fort Mill

Carolina Thread Trail Fort Mill

Parts of the Carolina Thread Trail in Fort Mill South Carolina are now cut off by Baxter Village and Clear Springs Development Co..

With the building of new homes in Baxter Village a few parts of the Carolina Thread Trail have been blocked from usage. When contacted we were told there was no plans to reconnect the damaged sections of the trail anytime in the near future and the path was off limits to hikers trying to get down to the Catawba river.

Trail closed Baxter Fort Mill SC

The Carolina Thread Trail through Baxter on the river side of New Gray Rock Rd. has been cut off from just below Stratford Run Dr. to near the bridge at the bottom of New Gray Rock Rd.. This was a nice section of the trail that lead down to a overlook of the Catawba river just below the Lake Wylie Dam.

Very sad as it appears the section of the trail will not be open for a long time because of new home construction in Fort Mill.

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