Drone Footage Above North Jetty Huntington Beach State Park SC Video

Huntington Beach State Park SC Jetty Drone
Drone’s view from 1000ft above the North Jetty at Huntington Beach State Park South Carolina. We get a good look at the creeks and ponds at the far North end of the second more visited state park in SC.

We also get to see the Murrells Inlet dredging at the federal channel. The are making the channel deeper there and putting the sand back in the Garden City area to enlarge the beach area at the point.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are overseeing the deepening of the inlet’s entrance channel, inner shoals and the basin at a cost of over $6 million. The Plans call for 440,000 cubic yards of dredge material, including 80 percent sand, to be placed on a two-mile stretch of worn down Garden City Beach and another 110,000 cubic yards on Huntington Beach State Park side.

I am not a big fan of drones flying at Huntington Beach State Park because they can spook the wildlife in the creeks. There did not appear to be many birds around on this day and the drone was kept quite high above the water.

This is the Drone used for the footage here.

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