Flooded Boardwalk Reserve Harbor Marina Pawleys Island SC

I took a walk down to the Waccamaw River near Pawleys Island to check out the flooding after Hurricane Matthew. The small sidewalk path leaves from the Reserve Harbor Marina and passes between the yachts docked in the harbor and the Allston Cemetery.

Reserve Harbor Marina Pawleys Island big

All of the boats are floating high in the water as the Waccamaw river climbs to historically high levels. Nearing high tide the water is coming up and approaching the top of the boat landing ramp.

Boardwalk Reserve Harbor Marina Pawleys Island dry

The first section of the boardwalk that meanders into the woods is currently high and dry. This is not the case for the lower and end sections.

Boardwalk Reserve Harbor Marina Pawleys Island broken

The far end of the dock took a big hit during Hurricane Matthew and was turned over on it’s side during the storm. This is where the Sandy Island school boat docks when in for repairs or service.

Boardwalk Reserve Harbor Marina Pawleys Island Flooded

The water was six inches over the boardwalk when I started my walk out to the end to get a better view of the Waccamaw river. This is also usually a very busy part of the Intracoastal Waterway, although nearly silent today. The waterway starts in Boston, Massachusetts and goes southward along the Atlantic Seaboard and continues around the southern end of Florida, then along the Gulf Coast to Brownsville, Texas.

Boardwalk Reserve Harbor Marina Pawleys Island Flooded End

After slowly chugging out to the end I took a seat. I wanted to take in the dangerous beauty of the overflowing banks of the Waccamaw river. I would likely never see the river get this high again in my lifetime.

Waccamaw River Flooded Tree

I could only spend about ten minutes out on the end of the boardwalk before I had to make the long walk back. The water was quickly rising and now a foot deep. I was not sure how high it was going to get and I did not want to have to swim back to the car. So, off I went. Ending my quite, peaceful walk that was one I will never forget.

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