Pawleys Island SC Beach View Just Before Hurricane Matthew

The somewhat calm before the storm. A look at the almost deserted beach of Pawleys Island South Carolina the day before Hurricane Matthew strikes.

Pawleys Island South Hurricane Matthew houses
Friday afternoon on Pawleys Island and it is now showing small signs of the bad weather approving from the South. The water is coming up near the freshly replenished sand dunes that were lost in the last major storm.

Pawleys Island South Hurricane Matthew Keep Off
The groins that are supposed to help catch and protect the sand on the island from washing away are starting to get battered by the waves.

Pawleys Island South Hurricane Matthew Bird
The shorebirds still have to eat. This little least sandpiper is combing the beach for a quick meal before he heads off to find a safe place to ride out the storm.

Pawleys Island South Hurricane Matthew Big Waves
Here is one of the larger waves that are starting to come in. By Saturday the waves will ramp up with an added fury as the small island gets beat down by Hurricane Matthew.

Pawleys Island South Hurricane Matthew Point
A lone walker heads out to the south point of Pawleys Island on her own. No other people on the tip to block her view as she nears where the creek feeds the Atlantic Ocean. Let’s just hope Hurricane Matthew leaves her enough sand to make the same walk come Monday.

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