Columbia South Carolina Restaurant Under Fire For ‘How To Catch An Illegal Immigrant’ T-shirts


The Taco Sid T-shirts depict two tacos underneath a box held up with a stick like an animal trap. The restaurant owner says the shirts are meant to be comical and draw attention to illegal immigration. Some critics say they’re just racist.

A West Columbia Mexican restaurant is defending itself against accusations of racism for selling a t-shirt that describes “how to catch an illegal immigrant” using two tacos and a trap.

Restaurant Taco Cid, in West Columbia, says the shirts are “comical” and a reasonable political statement about immigration policy in the United States.

Some Minority rights groups have slammed the message as insensitive and as a ploy to drum up business.

“Of course it’s offensive. It’s meant to be,” Lisa Navarrete, Advisor to the President, NCLR (National Council of La Raza) told Fox News Latino.

“This is simply a failing business trolling for attention… We would recommend people not patronize this place. Sure, because of this insult but really due to the fact that a restaurant this clueless about the Latino community can’t possibly make a decent taco.”

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