Crowd Watching Alligator Crossing The Road Huntington Beach State Park SC

A small crowd of tourist and birders gather around trying to catch a few photographs of this gator. One of many you can visit at the beautiful Huntington Beach State Park in South Carolina.

alligator heron rice trunk
After feeding at the Rice Trunk for most of the morning, this young alligator makes it’s way from the salt marsh over to Mullet Pond.
Alligator Street Cross Huntington Beach SC 1
The gator makes his slow, cautious climb out of the salt marsh up to the sidewalk of the causeway to get a better look.

Alligator Street Cross Huntington Beach SC 2
He stops to take a break and check for traffic. The crowd starts to gather around and you can hear the shutters begin clicking away.

Alligator Street Cross Huntington Beach SC 3
Rest break is over. The alligator makes his way quickly across the busy road with the help of a few people. The good-doers block cars buy standing in the street and getting the best shots they can.

Alligator Street Cross Huntington Beach SC 4
And there he goes, off into Mullet Pond, then onto Mallard Pond. There he will spend the evening chilling away the night with frogs, snakes, and turtles.

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