Baby Alligators Chillin In The Sun At Huntington Beach State Park

A small congregation of baby Alligators enjoying a sunny day in Mallard Pond. The young guys have been gathering in this same spot for a few months now and claim it as their own. With help from their mother which is always close by.

3 Chillin Baby Alligators
These three are trying to reclaim this tiny island after a fan propelled airboat rode across their normal hangout. The boat had to make it’s way around the pond spraying a weed killer to stop the overgrowth of cattails and tall reed plants.

Chillin Baby Alligator
This one likes to keep it’s space more than the others that came from the same clutch of eggs. Notice I said it. Distinguishing the sex can be very tough to guage between baby alligators. When this young you need to pick them up and take a good look at their underside. I have no plans to go out into the pond and give it a go. I think mama gator would not approve.

2 Baby Alligators sunning
These two popped out of the water while I was watching Wood Storks fly overhead. I thinks they had been waiting for the two American Coots swimming nearby to go on their way.

3 Baby Alligators in Lily pads
This group was hanging out much closer to the mama gator. There is better ground cover for them to feel safe in they have backup within a few feet just in case of trouble.

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